copyright management

we collect your royalties revenue generated live and digital

blockchain technology

we jumped on the Blockchain technology ship to collect all the royalties generated by copyrights in the digital sphere on DSPs such as Spotify, YouTube or even the new TikTok.
Did you know that these DSPs must pay royalties to the composers/writers of the music they play in their respective APPs?

secure your rights and do not lose income

independent, global, transparent.


If you are not registered in any management company, we will register you for free in UNISON and your works so that your copyrights and royalties are not forgotten.

management + sync

Your music will be actively presented to music supervisors and industry executives for synchronization in games, movies, TV or advertising.


we collect your author royalties and make sure you receive them quickly and correctly.
copyright management
we want to be the perfect partner in the growth of your career.
registration of author and works!
we pay you 65% of your publishing royalties
sending catalog to music supervisors (Netflix, HBO, TV...)
participation in #songcamps
access to production and/or composition masterclass
positioning in the media, press and radio
24/7 support

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